There is no God you say, and I believe you.
The earth is just atoms formed on their own but who controls the sun to shine and the moon to slip out at night?

There is no God you say; we are just humans come to be by accident. But how does the miracle of bones and tissues in the inside of a woman come together intricately to release a life, so tiny so helpless but against all the odds thrive to be you who now give theories that God does not exist?

God does not exist I believe you. The chaos and madness the world has evolved into are in the hands of the one who created it from the beginning.Should He exist, would we not want to be safe than sorry?

God does not exist. You say that religion is bigotry for the simple minds, an excuse for mediocrity by the lazy and there is a higher way of using our brains to think. He created us and gave us the will and choice.

I choose to believe He exists. The one who created heaven and earth, Who holds the sun, moon and stars, breathes life into our nostrils.

For at the end of it all, on the other side. I want to be safe that God exists, risk it here at the ridicule of men than be sorry that while I fantasised in my philosophies of his non-existence on this other side.
Alas, he existed from the beginning, and none of my argument nor idiosyncrasies changed who He is. What changed is where I fall to at the end of it all.Strolling on Heaven’s pavement of gold or racing away from the gates of Hell.

God does not exist. I believe you but what if all your theories come out wrong and it’s too late to cry out to all you have misled.
Take a risk, take a chance, be safe than sorry. Eternity is a long walk. A journey embarked by you alone, not with family, not with race, not with religion, not as a nation, political party or intellectual group. It’s just you and Him.

You say He does not exist. I believe you, but I know God exists because he said so and we are here because He does.